"Philip Bennett creates an atmosphere of cohesiveness in his conservatory/lab that fosters safety and trust. He interweaves neuropsychology, yoga and Stanislavsky together seamlessly. Psychophysical as well as all other aspects of Stanislavsky are repeated via fun, highly effective physical and vocal activities as well as meditation and breathing. Philip gives undivided attention to each of us (students) and has become a part of my support system. His standards for respect for the theatre and the actor's process are extremely high and as such I've learned what and an extraordinary gift this art form of story telling is. It's difficult to say everything I want to say about Philip in a short time. He is, in fact, the best."

Elizabeth DeVires, SAG-AFTRA Actor/Filmmaker

"Phil Bennett is a master at pulling out authenticity from a performance. His gentle and precise approach in teaching allowed me to not only see the path to a truthful performance, but to recite it each time I walk on the stage. It was Phil's insight into my abilities that allowed me to step into the roles that I would be noticed in. It was in his class that I worked on a piece from Othello. After witnessing my performance, he told me, 'You should audition for Othello--Start working on Othello monologues now.' I took his advice. At my first audition I used an Othello speech for their production of Macbeth and I was cast.
After the production I was asked to be the same theatre company's Othello. I performed Othello for that company next season. It was so widely successful that we not only brought them out of the red, we grossed the most the theatre had ever made! Then it toured to San Fransisco. Phil is a gift to all of us looking to be professional actors."

Skyler Cooper, Actor/Filmmaker - Third Year Graduate

Sara Jackson_DJL-5689.jpg

"Joining Phil's class was like discovering a gold mine. It has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself as an actor. I've not only gained tools & techniques for acting, but I've become a more complete & whole person.
Phil's dedication to the System has resulted in producing curriculum that is invaluable to us actors. In classes, special attention is given to each student so they have a personal foundation built from the ground up. He creates a safe environment where students of all levels support one another, and work together through creative experimentation where creative discovery is endless. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with a master teacher who offers the same knowledge and quality of teaching that is offered in Ivy-League institutions.
No where else will you receive the same ensemble training in Tucson. The TheatreLab has been a safe space where I've been challenged (which has resulted in immense growth as an artist), where I’ve been spiritually nourished & given incredible amounts of wisdom, and have developed deep lifelong relationships that I will forever treasure.”

Sara Jackson, Actor/Filmmaker - Third Year Graduate

"In the course of seeing actors of every stripe perform across Manhattan, I think what can sometimes go missing are the basic nuts and bolts of acting - fulfilling and Action in pursuit of an Objective within a given set of Circumstances. These are the fundamental skills, that over the course of hundreds of Improvs during three years of study, you drilled into us. This is what you bring to the actor, a fundamental understanding of how to become an Objective, physically, and do so with the guidance of the moral compass."

Jess Draper, Actor - Third Year Graduate

I’ve been fortunate to train at the Bennett TheatreLab & Conservatory under Philip Bennett for the past three years learning the Stanislavsky system. Philip is an incredibly committed and dedicated teacher. He is challenging, insightful and encouraging. Philip has instilled in me the importance of pursuing and fulfilling my actions in a scene. He gives each student guidance tailored to their specific strengths and weaknesses. If you want to learn in a safe and supportive environment I highly recommend the Bennett TheatreLab & Conservatory.

Michael Stone, Film Actor

Philip Bennett's acting class changed my life. I came to Phil at a time when I was searching for myself as well as a place to belong. During my time there, I reaffirmed my desire to be an actress, gained skills and techniques that I feel are ingrained in me, and met some of my closest friends. In Phil, I found both a challenging teacher and a caring friend. He has a way of gently encouraging each person to reveal bits of themselves onstage, which fosters confidence as well as organic performance. I truly think that Phil's class surpasses the quality of major university acting programs. When you take a class with Phil, you are not just getting an amazing teacher; you are gaining a place to belong.

Jazmine Knight, University of Rhode Island Theatre Student

I am a graduate of a top college in the arts and have a degree in Architecture from a prominent school. I also acted at a University under the direction of a former member of the Yale Dramat. 

Despite all this, I really never grasped the meaning of acting until I came to Philip's school and really began to learn the System of Living Experience. This has opened up a new world for me as a performer.

I would recommend the classes to anyone interested in performing as essential to their growth. I wish I had this experience years ago.

John Muller, Actor - Third Year Graduate