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The Mission & Vision of the Bennett TheatreLab

“The Bennett TheatreLab strives to provide professional acting conservatory training that offers an alternative to the expensive academic approach of a University. We work to provide a training ground that will give the talented amateur the tools, skills, and confidence to successfully approach a professional career in theatre and film. A local conservatory with emphasis on community development will attract young talents that will in time raise the level of artistic accomplishment as our community theatre and city grows.” 

The Goal of the TheatreLab

“The TheatreLab is a place for mutual growth of body mind and soul.  Our goal is to contribute to the cultural life of our community.  We provide the most affordable and innovative advanced actor-training techniques in a safe and nurturing environment.”

My Teaching Philosophy

“Every actor with talent has a spark of genius.  The goal of our System of training is to identify that spark, bring it to the fore, and develop the actor’s technical skill and confidence to do so independently.”

Philip G. Bennett
Artistic Director

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Schedule of Available Classes

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Have you wondered what are the secrets of great performing artists, and how you could work toward becoming one yourself?

In our Technique I, II, and III classes, you will experience the foundation of what Stanislavsky considered his ‘greatest discovery’ after 40 years of research: Psychophysical Action. (The "secret" deemed by all great actors to produce organic behavior & spontaneity in performance). Master Teacher, Philip G. Bennett, will share with you what he has found to be the most successful acting techniques from his 50 years of teaching the System. You will learn: Focus & Concentration through Yoga based Meditation; Psychophysical Conditioning Exercises that unite the mind and body and release spontaneous emotions; all 89 Elements of the Stanislavsky System based on Action; Short and Long-Form Dramatic Improvisation tools used with ‘Active Analysis through Physical Actions,’ and applied to the interpretation of a text; Monologue & Scene Study...just to name a few. Students who show proficiency take part in public Showcases of selected Scenes and Full-Length Plays.

Foundational Technique (Levels I & II)
Saturday Afternoons: 12:00pm-3:00pm
Rehearsal Performance Technique (Levels II & III)
Monday Evenings: 6:30pm-9:30pm

If you’ve been intimidated by, struggled with, or lacked the tools to master Shakespeare--we have a solution for you!

In Shakespeare Meets Stanislavsky, Master Teacher, Philip G. Bennett will show you how to fall in love with the language and brilliance of Shakespeare, by simply getting on your feet & learning how the embodiment of words are physical as much as they are psychological. Through the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Voice and Speech techniques, and Stanislavsky’s Active Analysis combined with our Psychophysical Conditioning Exercises; you will gain tools toward developing an expressive vocal and physical instrument; discovering the logic of a character’s thought and speech patterns; and learning how to color your words in order to affect others emotionally. Classical acting skills will give you an edge in auditions and ease to the portrayal of contemporary roles. At the TheatreLab, you will soon be on the road to mastery: having the ability to build a living-character, express nuance, and fully utilize your natural voice and expressive speech, while simultaneously up-lifting and moving an audience!

Shakespeare Meets Stanislavsky (All Levels)
Sunday Evenings: 5:30pm-8:30pm

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Term Dates

Upcoming (2019):
Late Fall: November 2 - December 16, 2019
Winter: January 4 - February 17, 2020

Past (2019):
January 5 - February 16, 2019
Spring: March 2 - April 15, 2019
Late Spring: May 4 - June 17, 2019
Summer:  July 6 - August 17, 2019
Fall:  September 7 - October 21, 2019





A term is 7-8 weeks in length. Classes are three hours in length and include the subjects below:

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  • Yoga Meditation

  • Voice and Speech

  • Elements of an Action

  • Dramatic Improvisation: Long and Short forms based on Actions

  • Movement

  • Psychophysical Conditioning Exercises: The Key to Spontaneous Emotions

  • Active Text Analysis through Physical Actions

  • Monologue and Scene Study

  • Shakespeare and the Classics

  • Public Showcase Performances

Required Class Materials

Recommended Reading Materials

An Actor's Work by Konstantin Stanislavski | An Actor's Work on a Role by Konstantin Stanislavski | The Stanislavski System by Sonia Moore | My life in Art by Konstantin Stanislavski | Stanislavski Revealed by Sonia Moore | Stanislavski in Focus by Sharon M. Carnicke | Stanislavski for Beginners by David Allen | Stanislavski and the Actor by Jean Benedetti | Towards a Poor Theatre by Jerzy Grotowski | The Profession of the Stage Director by Gorgi Tovstonogov | The Emotional Brain by P.V. Simonov | Active Analysis by Maria Knebel | Shakespeare Alive! by Joseph Pap | Actions: The Actor's Thesaurus 

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Includes 8 weeks worth of classes

  • FULL-TIME: Saturday, Sunday, & Monday Classes - $350.00 per term; 6 terms per year.

  • PART-TIME: Saturday or Sunday Class ONLY - $175.00 per term; 6 terms per year.

Tuition is due in full by the first day of the first class, excluding your free audit. Payment arrangements can be made by need and mutual agreement. 
As fees are subject to change, please "
Contact Us" for further information.  

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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Specializing in Audition Selection and Preparation

Every actor with talent has a spark of genius. The goal of our System of training is to identify that spark, bring it to the fore, and develop the actor’s technical skill and confidence to do so independently.

We are committed to bringing the most up-to-date acting techniques and decades of professional coaching experience to you.

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"Your success is my sole concern."

Philip G. Bennett

Coaching Specialties

Contemporary Texts: 

  • 19th Century Drama

  • American Drama & Comedy

  • Modern World Drama


  • Audition Selection & Preparation

  • Voice and Speech Exercises

  • Movement

Classical Texts:

  • Shakespeare

  • Ancient Greek Tragedy & Comedy

  • Restoration Comedy

  • Molière

Sliding scale payments for an hour and fifteen minute session!

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